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Why Visit Sedona During Winter?

If this isn’t your first winter vacation to paradise, you may be wondering why we would even ask such a question as you enjoy daily hikes into the red rocks with the sun shining brightly down on your t-shirt clad shoulders with nary a chance for rain in the forecast, but remember, not everyone has been as lucky as you, and this guide to the fun, wonders, and excitement that is a part of every Sedona vacation, no matter the season, is designed to entice the first-timers to experience what will possibly be a new tradition for them and their families! Offering gorgeous winter days and moments of pure spiritual bliss, winter in Sedona is absolutely our favorite time of the year, and this guide will give you a peek into many of the reasons why. Of course, the only thing better than a Sedona Arizona winter is enjoying a winter break in Sedona AND a stay in one of our Stay Sedona sanctuaries, so be sure to check out the home selection on our page after we have convinced you that there is no other place you want to be during the cold weather months of the year!

Is This Weather for Real?

If this is your first time visiting red rock country and you come from a place where winter is gloomy, cold, and gray, you may not believe that you are waking up every morning to sunshine and moderate temperatures! With highs that reach into the 60s, lows that rarely fall below the freezing mark, and an average expectation of only three or four rainy days each month, winter is absolutely the most glorious time of the year! Throw on a light jacket in the early hours of the morning and find yourself tying it around your waist by lunch and discovering that by dinnertime you have the beginnings of a light tan! Although there can be a light dusting of snow on the red rocks later in the season, generally, if you want to see snow you will have to drive about 30 miles north to Flagstaff to enjoy a plethora of the white fluffy stuff.

Christmas Fun

Even if the weather is more fall-like than winter in your estimation, the holidays in Sedona still manage to be enchanting as you take in live readings of the Christmas Carol at the Sedona Heritage Museum, shop for presents in cheerfully decorated shops and boutiques, and explore Tlaquepaque and all their holiday-oriented events that take place throughout the month of December! Take your children on a train ride to the North Pole via the Magical Christmas Journey train in Clarkdale or the Polar Express experience in Flagstaff. Both offer magical train rides, hot cocoa, and the opportunity to meet Santa on his own turf at the North Pole and promise to be the activity your believing child will cherish the rest of his or her life! Enjoy Christmas donuts at Sedonuts or stay home and bake Christmas cookies in your fully equipped Stay Sedona holiday hideaway.

Tour the Vortexes

The magic of Sedona continues with a tour of the vortexes that dot the area, there are four main energy vortexes, and how you choose to explore the area, depends on how you like to play! Do you play well with others? If the answer is yes, there are a variety of jeep tours in the area that take you through the red rocks and bring you to the spots where the energy is felt the most. Climb on board with your new best friends and spend the cool winter day experiencing the magic under clear blue skies. If you are a loner, however, it is possible to find your way to the vortexes without any help from others, and the Bell Rock vortex is one of the most powerful and most well-known of them all! A twisted tree marks the spot where an energy flow brings visitors a serenity they have been seeking their entire lives.

The Sedona International Film Festival & Workshop, February 19-February 27

Sedona has been a popular location for filming Westerns for decades, but this festival makes it popular to celebrate the movies themselves, and if your Sedona Arizona winter visit takes place February 19 through February 27 of 2022, you will want to join in the fun! Offering 90 films in a variety of genres over nine days, they are also offering virtual events for those who are still unsure about getting too close to a bunch of strangers, ensuring that EVERYONE will have a chance to celebrate! The films include shorts, features, foreign movies, and even student films, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Spend Your Nights with Stay Sedona

The comfort and style of our Stay Sedona vacation sanctuaries promise to offer everything you need for a magical Sedona getaway. Contact us to reserve your favorite today!