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West Sedona Property Management

As you continue your search for the financial security of your future, you may be looking towards vacation rental properties as a key to securing your success. As you look harder at that adorable property located in West Sedona, the idea is starting to look better and better. You may not know much about the Sedona area, especially if Arizona is not your home state, but the little you do know tells you that the location sounds perfect, and we at Stay Sedona agree! One of the most important points to consider when making an investment this big—aside from the property itself—is location, and Sedona is one of the hottest tourist destination spots in the nation. Because it is natural to have some fears when preparing for a new chapter in your life, choosing a West Sedona Property Management service that knows the area and the business is the next natural step in the process. This guide to how Stay Sedona can make West Sedona property ownership one of the easiest decisions you have ever made will help you make the first all-important step, purchasing that property!

What We Do

Fortunately for our clients, our West Sedona rental property management is about more than taking in the rental payments. A good company knows that to be a success, they have to be a part of every little detail, starting with location and ending with the dreaded tax paperwork. We’ve already determined that West Sedona is the perfect location; the magic of our red rock village attracts over three million visitors each year and offers a never-ending list of fun and exciting things to do. A large part of our job as property managers is knowing the story behind the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a still-active Catholic church designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright and nestled in the red rocks of Sedona. By knowing the behind-the-scenes stuff, the best restaurants, the best shops, and the best tourist attractions, we can act as a concierge to your guests, ensuring that their vacation experience in your property is one that they will never forget! Encouraging repeat business is another aspect of our job, but we are getting ahead of ourselves, just a little, because this is just a tiny portion of the work we do!

Design, Style, and Getting Your Property in Front of the People

The best housing deals often require work—whether a little or a lot—to get them ready for use, and our design services will help get your property noticed. No one wants to stay in a home that is dirty, dark, and in bad condition, so we offer up the tips that will make your property shine in the photos. Sometimes the touch-ups can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint in a desert tan or using color in the linens, furnishings, and artwork to brighten up the place. Other times can involve demolition and renovation. Once your property is in picture perfect condition, it is time to take the pictures! Our multi-faceted marketing plan starts with taking the right pictures and continues with getting those pictures out where people will see them! We take advantage of all the big vacation rental sites and utilize a few that you may not have heard of to ensure that we are hitting all the vacationer demographics!

When the requests start pouring in, we vet potential renters, take their money, and of course, set up housekeeping services before and after each guest. When the unexpected 2 AM phone calls come in, (All emergencies always seem to take place in the wee hours of the morning!) we answer the calls and deal with the situation so you can continue to sleep deeply, perhaps dreaming about all the trips you will take after retirement! In between guests, we monitor your investment, checking to make sure that last monsoon storm didn’t cause any damage, and we continue to keep an eye out for repairs and upkeep that may be needed. We treat your property as if it is our own, because we know we are not a success unless you succeed far beyond your dreams!

We Handle All Aspects of Management

Obviously, there are the dreaded tax forms and payments that we will handle, but an excellent Sedona rental property management company needs to know the local laws for vacation rentals as well as the federal laws. Each area has its own set of rules and regulations, and our company thrives because we make it our business to learn them all!

Choose Stay Sedona for your West Sedona Property Management

We have the knowledge and experience to make your property a superstar in the vacation rental business with our West Sedona Property Management! Give us a call today and let’s work together on this new stage in your investment life!

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