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Oak Creek Property Management

As you begin the search for the investment property that will finance your future, you may wonder if the Oak Creek property you recently discovered will be a good idea. Everyone knows about Sedona, but outside of Arizona natives, who has heard of the town of Oak Creek? We at Stay Sedona, however, know that you have nothing to worry about, especially when you choose us to manage that abode! Known for our Sedona property management, we also offer Oak Creek property management services, and we can help turn this investment into a success that exceeds all your dreams!

What We Offer

Oak Creek may not have the name recognition of Sedona, but the magic of this section of Arizona is spread to the surrounding communities, and homes here do exceedingly well! We know how to market your home so that it stands out, but first we help ensure that the space is a desirable one; no one wants to rent a dingy space that appears dark, cramped, and untidy. We will advise you on what it takes to make your property shine and offer the services of our housekeeping and maintenance crew to get the place up to snuff! We even offer rental setup and design services, helping to create a space that is stylish, bright, and comfortable for all the guests who have chosen your investment as their vacation home away from home. After the design work is done, the photographs we take will show your property in its best light and potential renters will be lining up for the chance to rent your Oak Creek investment!

Once it is in pristine condition, we will take the photographs that show off its strengths. Views of the red rocks at sunset are an especially popular draw, so if your site offers this amenity, we can guarantee it will be included. We do the research to ensure that you do not charge too much, scaring away potential renters, but we also make sure that you do not charge too little. We do not succeed unless you are a success, and if you are not making what you should, well, we consider that a failure! We set up the booking site, making it simple to reserve the property your guests fall in love with and we take in the moneys, answer the middle of the night emergency calls, and keep it clean, sanitary, and maintained between guests.

During the pandemic we have learned how to make our properties sanitary and disinfected according to the rules of the CDC so you can continue to rent out your space in a time when not all rentals are able to do so. All you will have to do is sit back and watch your coffers steadily grow; your retirement days are moving closer and closer! Finally, at the end of the year we manage the tax paperwork and continue our research as to if you are charging enough or too little.

The Little Details Are So Very Important

While advertising, marketing, and revenue management are extremely vital to the success of your property, it’s the little details that can derail your investment if ignored, but Stay Sedona understands their importance and manages those as well. We make sure that the guests that choose your property are old enough to treat it with the respect it deserves and that there aren’t more than the allowed number of guests staying in your place. Doing home check-ups before and after guests is obviously a part of our responsibilities, but did you know that we also keep an eye out during times it may not be rented? We work hard to ensure that these times are few and far between, but when your property is empty, we stop by to make sure everything is in working order. Storms may blow branches through windows and air conditioners may suddenly decide to quit, but our vigilance will help keep these inconveniences to a minimum.

There are also the millions of little details that go on behind the scenes, ranging from the placement and color of that all-important “Book Now” button to the acceptance of credit cards and even the research we do to make sure we are keeping up with all the latest vacation rental trends. Right now, vacation rentals are a hot commodity, and it may be relatively easy to keep your beds full, but that may not always be the case and when the climate changes, we promise to change right along with it.

Today Is the Day

Give us a call and let’s work together to get your Oak Creek Property on the vacation rental market with our unmatched Oak Creek property Management!

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