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FlipKey Property Management in Sedona

The longer we work in the vacation property management business, the more we appreciate the internet and the vacation rental sites that make our jobs so much easier. From Airbnb to VRBO to FlipKey and many other like-minded companies, these sites spread the word on where to stay all over the world, and if you are about to purchase an investment property, our FlipKey property management in Sedona services are designed to make your property shine! Knowing you don’t have to do it alone can be freeing for those who are considering an investment property and knowing that our Sedona property management services are highly regarded in the industry can make all the difference when it comes time to sign on the dotted line.

From the Beginning

The many aspects of property management can be mind-boggling, but when you choose our FlipKey property management services, you can count on us being by your side from the beginning. Offering design consultation services that give your home the little extra that will make it stand out while still allowing your own personality to shine through is a specialty of ours, giving the property a personality that attracts potential renters in droves! We can guide you to the perfect placement of that overstuffed chair (Readers love to sit by the window with a good book and a delicious beverage!), and when the last throw pillow has been placed, our photography services come into play. Taking the pictures that make guests want to sit in that previously mentioned chair and soak in the deep tub that gives your bathroom a spa-like air is a skill we have picked up over time, one we shamelessly use to your advantage!

Guest Services with FlipKey Property Management

The vacation rental world is a competitive one, and if you want your home to thrive, you have to offer more than a gorgeously designed space filled with luxury amenities. Guests want a complete vacation experience, and that starts with the services offered by your FlipKey property management company. We know the area. We live, love, and play here, and we can tell your guests that Oaxaca Restaurant and Cantina has been an integral part of the culinary landscape of Sedona for over four decades when they are looking for a local restaurant that features the cuisine of the region. We can guide them to the best tour companies or the most popular vortexes, and when they need to buy another chew toy for their fur baby, we can direct them to our favorite puppy boutique, Bow Wow Sedona!

We also are the ones they will call when the water heater breaks in the middle of the night (letting you sleep deeply and uninterrupted), and when they leave at the end of their stay, walking out with their suitcases rolling behind them, we are on the spot, cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting for the next round of guests. Our housekeeping services are as much for you as they are for your guests peace of mind! In the days of the pandemic, we are all that much more aware of the dangers of germs and our housekeeping team meets or exceeds the standards determined by the CDC.

Maintaining Longevity

Your FlipKey Sedona property has the potential to be the key to your retirement success, and you want it to last for as long as you need it, which means upkeep and maintenance is of the utmost importance! Our maintenance teams will help keep the air conditioner running cold, the hot water heater running hot, and take care of everything in between. The exterior of your home is as important as the interior; it needs to be cleaned, repaired, and maintained to uphold that “new house feel,” and because Mother Nature can be uncaring about the expenses involved with maintaining a rental property, we will conduct stop in visits between guests to ensure no errant branches have been torpedoed through innocent windows and that the shingles and tiles on your roof have stayed exactly where they were intended!

Behind the Scenes

As you might expect, FlipKey property management does not stop with the boundaries of your property. As professionals, it is our duty to keep up with local laws, including the nuisance, health, and safety laws in your Sedona community, and it is our job to deal with state and federal taxes. Violating tax laws can have extreme penalties, taking away from the ROI of your property, and although no one likes to deal with the IRS, we do what we have to keep you on the straight and narrow!

Call Us Today

It is never too soon to have us on your side, guiding you through the beginning steps and stepping in to do the tasks you really do not want to handle yourself. Give us a call today and let’s work together to make your FlipKey property one of the most popular on the net!

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