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Cottonwood Property Management Services

The search for the perfect investment property is a little easier when the properties are located in Arizona, because nearly every home is a diamond waiting to be mined, but as you begin to contemplate all that goes into vacation home ownership, you may find yourself more than a little intimidated, especially when you venture into towns you may not recognize, such as Safford, Why, or even Cottonwood. Before your investment opportunity popped up, these small towns were just blips on the landscape, and now you are expected to choose the right neighborhood, find the right cleaning crews, and check out the handyman services of a place you don’t know? Fortunately, the Cottonwood property management services we at Stay Sedona offer can help you find your way through the confusion and to a successful and thriving investment! This guide to what we can do for you as one of the best Sedona property management companies will make everything crystal clear.

From the Beginning

So many things go into the renting of a vacation property, almost from the first moment you see the place, and Stay Sedona will be at your side helping you from the beginning, especially as the good deal you found more than likely needs a little work to get it into prime move-in readiness! If you haven’t purchased the place yet, we can tell you what neighborhoods work, and remind you that three bedrooms are better than two for rental purposes, that a plethora of bathrooms are always preferred, and inform you as to why Cottonwood has become a great place for vacation rentals. (Does the Verde Valley Wine Trail trigger any recognition?)

Once you have chosen “the one,” however, the real work begins as you clean, repair, and decorate in a style that travelers love. Comfort, versatility, and charm are your keys to success. As you work to create a space that welcomes and invites, our cleaning crews will be scrubbing, our maintenance crews will be maintaining, and our handyman will be rolling the perfect shade of gray (Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray is a popular choice!) on your walls. We can steer you towards that soft and durable overstuffed sectional for the living room and away from those admittedly stylish yet horribly uncomfortable Lucite chairs for the dining room table. And when the final throw pillow has been placed, and the last of the dishes have been tucked away behind your glass fronted cabinet doors, we will come in and take the pictures that will attract all the renters to your investment’s front door.

The Money Details

The hardest part of vacation rental ownership generally involves money, and we at Stay Sedona are right there to help you with that as well! We do the research that ensures you do not charge too much or too little; the former chases away your potential guests and the latter is just a waste! We advertise on all the vacation rental websites, ensuring that your home is in the sights of all who desire a rental, and when the offers come pouring in, we vet the guests, take the money, and ensure that your home is ready for any and all tenants. At the end of the year, we prepare the dreaded tax paperwork so that you stay on good terms with Uncle Sam. We also study and learn the tax laws for vacation rentals, keeping up with the changes and keeping you in good graces forevermore.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The details that go into a successful vacation property investment are numerous, but when you choose Stay Sedona, you can actually go about your regular life not having to sweat the small stuff. Sleep deep and easy knowing that the 2 AM phone calls are going to our phones and that we won’t bother you with the details until normal business hours in most cases. In the case of a major catastrophe, we may break our regular business hours rules, but generally, we are able to handle the small emergencies that never seem to occur between 9 AM and 5 PM. Take that vacation to France without worrying that your rental had a last-minute cancellation; even when empty, we drop by to keep an eye out for unwelcome guests, unplanned acts of nature, or simply to ensure that the property is in the same spic and span shape we left it in after the last tenant returned to their own home. The pandemic of 2020 changed the way we decipher clean, and our cleaning crews have risen to the challenge, cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting according to guidelines that are much stricter now.

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