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Top 5 Under the Radar Attractions

The magic of Sedona attracts travelers from all over the world, but even on the busiest days of the season, there are some attractions you can visit, some activities you can participate in, that only those “in the know” are aware of! Usually less crowded and just as entertaining as the more well-known attractions, this guide to the top five under-the-radar Sedona attractions will ensure that you get to enjoy the full wonder of our red rock mountain village!

Jordan Historical Park, 735 Jordan Road

When the simplest pleasures are what you seek, a picnic in the park is guaranteed to speak to your soul, especially when you choose Jordan Historical Park as the site of your romantic picnic with the one you love most! Offering breathtaking views and also the home of the Sedona Heritage Museum, your picnic in the park will be a happy highlight in a vacation filled with fun and wonder.

Sedona UFO Tours, 1890 W State Route 89A E

We can’t help but think it is egotistical to believe that of all the planets in the universe, ours is the ONLY one inhabited by intelligent life, and the knowledgeable and fun guides employed by our number four attraction, Sedona UFO Tours, agree! Spend an hour and a half of your Sedona escape staring up at the sky with night vision goggles provided as part of the tour and discover a whole new world you never knew existed.

Honanki Heritage Site, Located Off 89A

Number three on our list takes you to the Honanki Heritage Site and the cliff dwellings of the Sinagua people who lived within from 1150 to 1350. As you stare up into the red rocks, the realization that people lived here, loved here, and even fought battles and died here may boggle the mind, especially if you visit during the 100-degree temperatures that are common to this region in the summer! Its sister site, the Palatki, offers another peek into the past.

Cow Pies Trail

A sense of humor is always important, and even the most mature of adults will hide a smirk as they wander down Cow Pies Trail, our second hidden gem in Sedona! Named for the sandstone rocks that tell you when you have most definitely reached your destination, we can assure you of two very important facts: This trail is not well known, and as such not very crowded; and your laughter will add to the fun of your Sedona vacation!

Boynton Canyon Vortex and the Heart Rock Guy

It isn’t a secret that Sedona is built on a series of vortexes, spots in the red rocks that are particularly energy-filled, and the Boynton Canyon Vortex, although well known, is our favorite for one interesting reason: The Heart Rock guy, known for his flute playing and the rocks shaped like hearts that he gives to hikers he comes across during his “shows.” The shows are his way of thanking Mother Nature for the gifts she provides, and the heart rocks symbolize the unconditional love she gives everyone.

Stay Sedona Is the Right Choice

Your adventures in red rock country will be even more appealing when you come home to the comforts found in our Stay Sedona vacation sanctuaries. Contact us to reserve yours today! See our spring rentals in Sedona here.