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Top 5 Spots for a Gorgeous View

This list was far harder than any other list that we have had to draw up, simply because all the views in Sedona are breathtaking, and it seemed unfair to have to choose just five! How do we limit ourselves when every day we step outside and are surrounded by a beauty that only the very luckiest of people get to experience in their lifetime? But we at Stay Sedona work hard to make sure our guests aren’t just comfortable but are experiencing a vacation that tops all vacations, and this guide to the top five gorgeous spots for Sedona sightseeing will ensure that you experience the best of the best.

The Sedona Airport Overlook, Airport Road

Although most of the views we will be discussing have to be earned with a hike, this one requires no more effort than sitting in a car and driving. Sedona Airport is a small one, and the overlook offers expansive views of Sedona with just a small parking fee attached. Drive up here at sunset and marvel at the skies as they cycle through a kaleidoscope of colors or time your visit to coincide with lunch at Mesa Grille and watch the planes and helicopters take off while eating a really delicious meal.

Uptown Sedona Sightseeing

Sliding in at number four and requiring no hiking, your shopping adventures in Uptown Sedona are destined to take more time than planned as you won’t be able to keep yourself from stopping every so often and staring up at the red rocks that surround our town! Even the area itself, offering low-slung buildings built with a Western flair and fascinating sculptures on every corner, is a photo opp waiting to happen. Although the views from this hot shopping spot never fail to stun, if the need for a photo overtakes you, be sure that you aren’t blocking the other shoppers trying to get into the stores you just left!

Soldier’s Pass Trail

This next view opportunity is a seasonal one that varies from year to year but if your journey to Sedona takes place in late spring or early summer, take a hike along Soldier’s Pass Trail and be awestruck by the beauty of wildflowers posing merrily against the red rocks! Colorful and exotic, the flowers that can include poppies, daisies, and larkspur enhance the artistry of your red rock pictures, softening them and giving them a professional look that will make you happy you chose to check our number three pick!

Grasshopper Point Swimming and Picnic Area

The easy hike to Grasshopper Point—about half a mile long—helps with this spot’s popularity, and the views are definitely one of Mother Nature’s finest creations! Pack a picnic and relax in the peace and tranquility found at our number two spot or wear your swimsuit under your clothes and spend a hot summer’s day swimming in the cool waters; there’s no wrong way to enjoy the views found at Grasshopper Point!

Devil’s Bridge

Coming in at number one, Devil’s Bridge offers another easy hike, scenic views, and an opportunity to try something new, but if you are afraid of heights, you may want to stay back. The natural sandstone red arch created from years of wind and rain erosion creates a walking path that, in spite of its slightly delicate appearance, is sturdy and fun to walk across! Taking a selfie on the Devil’s Bridge will give your friends and family back home something to talk about for years to come.

Bonus Views for Sedona Sightseeing

Some of the best views of your vacation may be found in your Stay Sedona getaway! Reserve yours today and wake up every morning feeling a renewed appreciation for the magical beauty of Sedona. Contact us today! See our Sedona cabins with a private hot tub here.

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