Top 5 Local Only Shops to Visit

Shopping adventures in Sedona are destined to be the ones you remember most, and as you stand at the check-in desk at the airport at the end of your stay, you will be relieved that you remembered your Stay Sedona vacation escape came with a laundry room, allowing you to pack light and leave room for souvenirs! This guide to the top five local Sedona shopping spots you will love to give your credit card a workout in will ensure there will be many treasures that you can tote home.

89 AlienWare UFO Gift Shop, 441 Forest Road Uptown

Many of us take the job of shopping very seriously, but this unique store coming in at number five on our list proves that you can have fun as well! Offering a large selection of UFO & paranormal gifts that we are pretty sure did NOT come from outer space, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, your crazy friend from college, or anyone in your friend and family list who has a slightly quirky sense of humor.

Crystal Magic, 2978 AZ-89A

Did you know that red jasper helps give you strength? Or that the snowflake obsidian is known for offering spiritual protection? And lepidolite is not just another pretty purple stone, but will help you achieve spiritual growth and emotional balance? You may not know any of these fascinating facts, but the staff in our number four shop, Crystal Magic, know all that and more! Although you may not really be sure about the mystical stuff we are talking about, we can guarantee that you will lose yourself in the magic of this amazing business.

Sedona Artist Market, 2081 W State Route 89A #11

As with most places famous for their breathtaking landscapes, Sedona is famous for the creativity and talent of artists who make their home here, and our number three choice celebrates the home-grown artists who have done just that! Offering art in all the genres, the paintings, pottery, and even jewelry found in the stores in the Sedona Artist Market truly represent the best of the best.

Hoel’s Indian Shop, 9589 N State Route 89A

The Southwest is known for awe inspiring Native American art created with natural materials and incredible colors, and Hoel’s is a shop that you won’t want to leave. A local tradition that has been open since 1945, every piece in the store has been hand created by Native Americans who are working hard to keep their traditions alive, and as you wander the aisles, the masterpieces found here are sure to charm. You might want to call to make sure they are open, as artist’s schedules can be a bit different than what we expect!

Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, 336 AZ-179

Why choose just one shop for our number one spot when you can pick an entire village of shops in which to explore? Tlaquepaque offers a complex filled with shops, restaurants, and galleries so charming, you will be happy to spend an entire day wandering in and out of the stores within! Dorine Daniels offers bed and bath products (if you really want us to narrow it down) and Bow Wow Sedona features all the cool things every well dressed and accessorized pup needs!

Red Rock Days and Nights

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