Top 5 Local Only Restaurants

The only thing we love to do more than travel is to eat, and when you combine eating and travel, life just gets better! Your visit to Sedona and stay in one of our Stay Sedona sanctuaries is destined to be a magical getaway made even more so when you visit any or all of the restaurants on our top 5 local only Sedona restaurants list! Save the chain restaurants for your everyday life and feast on delicious local meals during your once-in-a-lifetime Sedona vacation.

Elote Café, 350 Jordan Road

Ok people, there is a lot of competition for top restaurants in the Sedona area, so remember, even though Elote Café ranks in at number five, it is still leaps and bounds above most Arizona restaurants! This local celebrity chef-run restaurant sits under the shadow of the red rocks and offers a menu of handmade specials that you just won’t find anywhere else. Featuring everything from elote (its namesake appetizer) to enchiladas, their secret is to make everything fresh; there aren’t any freezers at the Elote Café.

Oaxaca Restaurant, 321 N State Route 89A

If you have followed any of our Stay Sedona blogs, you might notice that Oaxaca makes an appearance in nearly every food discussion we offer! Coming in at number four, this restaurant has been a local tradition since the day it opened a few decades ago. Offering patio dining with red rock views, a traditional menu that doesn’t skimp on flavor, and a habanero salsa that will burn your insides, Oaxaca is definitely worth a visit.

The Golden Goose American Grill, 2545 W State Route 89A

Rolling in at number three, the Golden Goose American Grill serves all your favorite American comfort foods with a modern twist. Featuring meatloaf and fried chicken, ribeyes and pork chops, and a dessert menu that will make your sweet tooth cry with happiness, every bite you take will be the best bite ever!

Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits, 241 N State Route 89A

As you are dipping in and out of shops, searching for the perfect gift for your pet sitter back home, it suddenly comes to your attention that you are starving! Before you pass out from hunger, however, step inside our number two favorite restaurant, the Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits, and feast on a menu filled with Southwestern delights. Located in the heart of Sedona and offering hearty dishes that include cactus fries, elk chops, and dry-aged bison ribeyes, this local restaurant is a carnivore lover’s dream come true.

The Hudson, 671 AZ-179

The number one local Sedona restaurant is officially awarded to The Hudson! Found at the crossroads of comfort food and sophistication and open for lunch and dinner, you will fall in love with its casual elegance and become obsessed over every dish you sample.

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