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Getting Around Sedona

One of the most unnerving parts of any vacation is trying to find your way around an area you are completely unfamiliar with, and if you, like many travelers, are in any way directionally challenged, the situation can become seriously anxiety-ridden. Of course, with GPS, life is much easier these days, but sometimes you just may not feel like getting in a car and fighting with traffic. As such, it is always nice to know the alternative ways you can get from here to there. This guide to getting around when visiting Sedona will help you enjoy every minute of your stay in our Stay Sedona sanctuaries and alleviate your fears, worries, and anxieties!

The Verde Shuttle Bus

As per usual in many American cities, it is public transportation that provides a lifeline for hesitant drivers, and the Verde Shuttle is an inexpensive option that can be much appreciated by smaller budgets. Costing only a dollar to get to places within Sedona, the bus system travels to the most popular regions of Sedona, but although it does run seven days a week, patience will be needed if you utilize this mode of transportation. The frequency of their runs can be limited, offering anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes between appearances, which can seriously eat into your vacation schedule. If it does seem like something that would work for you, however, the Verde Shuttle schedule can be found here.

Ride Share and Taxi

Rideshare services are available in the Sedona area, but there can be a delay, so plan ahead. Offering Uber and Lyft, these services can still be more convenient than public transportation, but if you are biking around the area, the shuttle may be of more use to you as up to three bikes can be stored on the rack in front of the bus. There are also taxi services available, including Sedona Taxi, which has been a local tradition for over seven years, but if you want something unique, Tom’s Taxi’s and Tours is open 24 hours a day, and the driver, Tom, offers a vibe that is uniquely Sedona!

Bikes and Your Own Two Feet!

Although Sedona is basically divided into two different regions that are miles apart, it is still possible to use your feet as the easiest way to get around! Walk or bike to the stores and restaurants and enjoy the beautiful Sedona weather year-round, and when you get back to your Stay Sedona escape each evening, tired muscles will relish a soak in the hot tubs found in some of our properties and a long and uninterrupted night’s sleep. Contact us to reserve your favorite rental property today!