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Book Direct Vacation Rentals in Sedona

The annual vacation is something we spend most of the year either remembering, planning, or actually experiencing, and although many things have changed over the past couple of years, the joy of getting away and relaxing in a place that is new to us never changes. The costs associated with travel, of course, do change, growing higher with each passing year, so it is always nice to find ways to save without having to skip out on something fun. Because we at Stay Sedona love to offer that something extra to all our guests, we thought that this time we could offer something less in the form of lower prices! If your life’s journey has you turned in the direction of our favorite place on earth, we would like to offer you all the standard luxuries, comforts, and style that we normally feature at a price you probably aren’t accustomed to paying! There’s no catch, no hidden agenda—all you need to do is book your vacation escape directly from us. Skip the popular vacation rentals sites that offer a glut of homes and condos that may or may not be as beautiful as pictured and say no to the extra fees involved with the so-called “convenience” the sites claim to offer, and still enjoy the comfortable and welcoming ambiance of our Sedona vacation home rentals!

What’s the Difference?

The best part of booking direct is knowing that even though you are paying less, you still get to enjoy everything that is wonderful about our Stay Sedona homes and condos! Our town is a magical one, offering red rocks and fiery sunsets, exclusive shops and haute cuisine restaurants, and our properties are designed to fit right in with their environment. Choose a vacation home that is pet friendly and let the entire family accompany you or choose a compact condo and enjoy an intimate escape with your favorite traveling partner. Prop up your feet and sink into plush sectionals for an evening of TV and popcorn in living rooms designed with your comfort in mind, and as the cook of the day explores updated appliances and the cheerful ambience of our kitchens, the rest of the family can find their own joy as they scroll through their favorite social media site, (high-speed internet allows you to save on data usage) gather around a fire pit in the backyard, or simply climb back in to cloud soft beds for a nap in the middle of a lazy Tuesday afternoon!

Condos offering access to all the amenities of the community may be smaller than a full-size home, but they still give occupants a sense of warmth and welcoming that can be difficult to find in other vacation rentals. Find your joy in the beauty of the red rocks that surround our homes and condos, waking each morning feeling refreshed and ready for a day of excitement and exploration, and heading to bed each night eager to re-discover how wonderful a deep and uninterrupted night of sleep feels! Your time spent in our Stay Sedona vacation sanctuaries is guaranteed to be time spent making memories you will never want to forget, memories that will keep you warm and bring a smile to your face every time you bring them out to examine upon your return to real life!

But Wait, There’s More

Saving money is an incredible thing and saving money while not having to skimp on everyday luxuries is an even better thing, but there is one more aspect to booking direct that you may not have thought about. Stay Sedona is a small business with big offerings, and when you book directly from us, you are investing in a small business, helping to keep our country’s economy viable! Small businesses employ local and that also helps keep unemployment levels down, which helps even more. There was once a time in our country’s history where most businesses were small and all employees were locally hired, and although we may never go back to those simpler times, booking direct is definitely a step in the right direction. As we go about the business of rebuilding after nearly two years of pandemic nightmares, being able to do something that benefits you, your family, and the country we live in is destined to give you a warm feeling that has nothing to do with the home or condo you are staying in or the temperature outside!

Time to Choose

Time passes quickly as an adult, and your Sedona getaway will be here before you know it, making today the perfect time to book direct with Stay Sedona. Reserve your favorite property today!