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Book Direct Vacation Homes in Sedona

The family vacation is a time-honored tradition that suffered a little during the pandemic but is once again at the forefront of your mind, and if your journey is bringing you to the beautiful city of Sedona, the first thing you will want to do is find a place to sleep every night. Because travelers of the world are no longer satisfied with the idea of cramming an entire family in the single room of a hotel with paper-thin walls and inconsiderate neighbors, choosing one of our Stay Sedona houses for rent offering space, tranquility, and comfort is obviously going to be the second thing you cross off your vacation planning list! We at Stay Sedona make it our mission in life to ensure that our guests are the happiest and most satisfied of travelers, and as such we have a money-saving secret for you that will give your budget a little bit of a break without forcing you to settle for something less. This tip is a simple one: book direct! Yes, instead of heading to the big-name vacation rental websites you normally would use, paying extra fees for the convenience of using the website, you can book directly with us and enjoy all the same comforts, luxuries, and amenities at a lower price. We really don’t see any downside to that, do you?

Our Homes

Once you book direct and the day arrives, any fears that you may not be getting all that you hoped for will quickly be extinguished! Walk into spaces that are light, bright, and spacious, and begin exploring all the wonders, starting with living rooms that are welcoming, comfortable, and filled with entertainment options for those nights you don’t feel like going out. Here is where binge watching Netflix with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn and a glass of wine out of that bottle you picked up from Vin Zona reminds you how important a quiet night is to your soul. Perhaps you will choose to save even more money by preparing some of your meals in our cheerful and fully equipped kitchens, located just steps away from the true hearts of our home, the dining rooms. There is a popular debate “raging” over which room, the kitchen or the dining room, is considered the heart of the home, and we are firmly on the side of the dining room being the space where the most memories will be made! Unplugging from your electronics and playing board games together or spreading out the pieces of a large puzzle and working on it in spare moments will bring you closer to your kids, your parents, or the friends with whom you are traveling. Large family meals filled with laughter, conversation, and delicious foods prepared together is a tradition that has faltered in your real life but will become strong again in our Stay Sedona dining rooms. Finally, when the sun sinks behind the red rocks and the moon bathes the landscape in a cool glow, sliding between the silky soft sheets topping our premium mattresses will offer a luxury that doesn’t change just because you paid less by booking directly through our Stay Sedona website. All the luxuries enjoyed, all the adventures experienced, and warmth felt will be exactly the same; it is just your bank account that will notice the difference!

The Importance of Small Businesses

Did you know that small businesses make up about 2/3 of new jobs and are responsible for creating almost half the gross domestic product of the United States? Although vacation rental businesses don’t really create new product, they are a part of what makes our country great, and we at Stay Sedona are proud to belong in the ranks of American small businesses. While you are sleeping deep and relaxing in the comforts our homes bring to you, you will also be contributing to the economy because you chose to support small businesses and book direct from our Stay Sedona website! Small businesses matter, and although you may not have imagined that doing something so simple could do more than save you money, we do thank you for doing your part in keeping our economy strong!

Every Day Is a New Adventure

At the end of the day, you may put that money you saved from booking direct back into the economy of Sedona as you shop at the cute boutiques that dot our landscape, explore the vortexes of the red rock from the back of pink jeeps, and dine in locally owned businesses that don’t belong to national chains. You will get to spend your days playing and your nights resting in comfort and style when you choose Stay Sedona. Reserve your favorite property today!