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Book Direct Vacation Condos in Sedona

There are many ways to save money on your annual vacation, including eating out less, choosing a condo instead of a home, and booking direct from the property management company when renting that condo. Over the years we have grown accustomed to using the major vacation rentals websites to choose our accommodations, but with those websites come added fees that serve no particular purpose; you don’t receive any more or any less for the condo you choose, and all the fees do is ensure that you have to less to spend during your getaway. For those of you traveling to Arizona looking for comfortable Sedona condos for rent in which you can stay during your visit, booking direct from Stay Sedona will get you everything you need at a lower price, and because our condos are known for being clean, comfortable, and cozy, the time you spend with us is guaranteed to be memorable for all the right reasons!

Our Condos

Designed to offer everything today’s travelers need, our condos may offer fewer square feet compared to a larger vacation home, but visitors will definitely not feel they have been cheated out of anything! Walk into inviting spaces where comfort is king and the magic of Sedona is immediately apparent. Taking a nap on a soft sofa in the middle of a day is a luxury you can’t always afford when at home, but here in your Stay Sedona condo, it would be a shame not to try to do so whenever possible! Read, scroll through your favorite social media websites, or settle in for a night of Christmas movies and eggnog during the winter season, and feel the last of your real-life tensions melt away.

Most condos will offer an open floor plan, meaning the dining room will be located just steps away from the living room, and of course, the kitchen will be just steps away from the dining room, so no one will feel left out of the fun, even the cook of the day who is working hard in the kitchen preparing the evening meal. Updated appliances help bring back the joy of cooking, and in most cases, a breakfast bar will offer the space for family members to sit and chat while watching said chef of the day fix a delicious meal. The dining room is where games will be played, conversations will be had, and those delicious meals will be devoured all too quickly. The dining room is perhaps the most underrated room in every home, especially when you think of all the memories that are made there, and while you may not look back at your incredible Arizona vacation and think to yourself, “Wow, that dining room was the best room in the condo,” you will think back to the memories you made in that space and smile happily!

Finally, after a long day spent shopping, eating, and playing, climbing into cloud soft beds and sinking into happy dreams will offer more moments of perfection that you will wish never had to end. Our condos are built for love, laughter, and relaxation, and you are the smart one who chose to book direct from Stay Sedona and get all of that for less!

Doing Good for the Economy

Small businesses are an important part of the economy, and the last two years have been tough on most small business owners. Even though that light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter, it will take awhile to recover from the financial impact of the pandemic as we fight staff and supply shortages. Choosing to book directly from Stay Sedona does good for your bank account and does good for the economy, allowing you to do a good deed and receive instant good karma, especially as you shop in local shops, dine at local restaurants, and participate in locally owned tourist activities, including colorful jeep tours through red rock country! The benefits of booking direct are carried out with your Sedona adventures, and the prize at the end of the day is the opportunity to come home to comfort and sleep as you haven’t in ages in beautiful condos designed to pamper and spoil! Saving money is always a good thing and doing your part to stimulate the economy is even better, but the adventures you have in sunny Arizona will top everything!

Welcome Home

It can be difficult to feel at home in a new place, but we at Stay Sedona make it our business to make you feel comfortable and at home in our homes and condos. Relax and recharge during your unforgettable visit to the great Southwest, and when you return home, your memories of the wonderful times you had here will last forever! Reserve your favorite Stay Sedona sanctuary today!