The Phoenix Valley typically does not see the standard four seasons down south, as the sun is always shining. While we may not see as drastic of changes as the rest of the country sees, Sedona does experience a changing of the weather, especially when the fall season comes around. The transition to fall is always welcome here in Sedona, as the daily temperatures begin to drop. A variety of activities is available during the fall season, keeping you comfortable longer outdoors and seeing less crowds. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite activities for fall in Sedona:

Go Explore Wine Country

One of the most popular destinations up here in Sedona no matter what time of year you visit is going to be the Verde Valley Wine Trail. Sedona is essentially “wine country” for the entire state of Arizona. There are over 40 different wineries in the immediate area that are easy to access and even easier to enjoy their award-winning wines. Northern Arizona has the perfect weather to grow grapes exclusive to the region. When you are ready to enjoy some tasty wine, head on up the Verde Valley Wine Trail to get started. Some wineries are within walking distance of each other. Popular picks among the locals include Pillsbury Wine Company and Winery 1912, to name a few. Join in on wine tastings, winery tours, or simply grab a bottle or two to take back to your vacation rental. As always, make sure to not drink and drive; there are various different wine tours available for you to hop on a guided bus that will take you to different wineries on the agenda.

Pink Jeep Tours and Other Fall in Sedona Adventures

Sedona is home to the beautiful red rock formations that stand tall in the backdrop. If you have visited Sedona before, you have probably seen a few pink Jeeps driving around. Pink Jeep Tours has been operating in Sedona since the 1960s and provides a unique experience found nowhere else. Their Jeeps are bright in color but offer comfortable interiors for your journey. Pink Jeep Tours are often booked up in the summer season. Take advantage of the calmer fall travel season where you can find a variety of times available for their tours. Incredible outdoor areas such as Diamondback Gulch are available for their entertaining yet educational tours. There are several other tour companies in the area to choose from as well!

Plan a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Sedona is simply stunning no matter where you are looking. The red rocks glow in the sunlight, offering majestic views. What makes these views even better is when you get to see them from high up in the air. No, we don’t mean off the cliff side, but from a thrilling hot air balloon ride! Sedona is the perfect place to experience a hot air balloon ride for the first time. The fall season has less traffic, allowing you even more opportunities to plan for your ride. You will be taken thousands of feet in the air for an unbelievable experience. Romantic outings cannot get more intimate than flying high with a loved one with champagne in hand.

Dine In with Sedona Restaurants

The fall season is also a great time to check out the local restaurants available right here in Sedona. The cooler temperatures make it easy to enjoy your meal outdoors. Many restaurants also love to use seasonal ingredients in their menus. You will notice that even more varieties of local dishes will be available for you to try. Some popular restaurants we recommend trying out for the first time include The Hudson that features New American cuisine along with handcrafted cocktails. Fine dining is definitely done right when you visit Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill for their South American cuisine. Let these renowned chefs whip up a culinary masterpiece during your fall getaway here in Sedona!

Hiking in Sedona

Another great activity that is made even more fun in the fall season is hiking. Northern Arizona is known for some beautiful trails that sprawl over the desert landscape. The cooler temperatures let you stay outside for longer. Trails such as the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead are typically crowded during busier travel seasons such as the summer. The fall season lets you avoid some of the larger crowds. Also check out the Munds Wagon Trail that takes you by beautiful rock formations.

Fall Never Looked So Good Than It Does in Sedona

These fall activities and many more await you right here in Sedona. You can enjoy your own personal Sedona adventure by booking one of our many vacation rentals found in the area. Make your Sedona stay one that is comfortable and memorable for years to come.