Known for being an area of natural wellness and healing, check out the various holisitic opportunities as well as massage therapy in Sedona.


Each year thousands of visitors make their way to Sedona for its natural healing effect. Not only does the landscape of Sedona help with your wellness but so can the many natural healers that call the town home. Our therapists are Licensed Massage Therapists who specialize in craniosacral and myofascial treatment. Look at what this therapy can provide for your overall health and wellbeing and enjoy massage therapy in Sedona:


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Our nervous system is housed in the bones, nerves, and overall connective tissues of the body. Any disruption to our nervous system can be disastrous and lead to injuries, stress, and even long-lasting trauma that often presents itself as pain and neurological dysfunction. Craniosacral therapists help heal your nervous system with their Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, a non-invasive technique that will help you reach a new level of relaxation. This therapy taps into your pure consciousness, allowing your body to heal and reorganize itself. You will feel a deep stillness of the body throughout the therapy.


Myofascial Release


Our internal organs and vessels are all surrounded by connective tissue called fascia that helps hold our bodies together. Whenever our fascia becomes inflamed or affected by trauma, it can cause increased pressure throughout our body. Simple examples include scars left over by surgery or a localized infection. Myofascial therapy helps release the built-up tension. This healing uses specific hand motions to help unwind the fascia and often involves craniosacral work to be done as well. Your body will naturally begin to heal as fluid and unprompted movements help reduce built up pressure.


Scheduling Your Session


Scheduling your therapy session is easy. Simply call or text 928-282-0904 or email to get started. Sessions are available by appointment only in the Sedona area. Sessions tend to fill up quickly, so we recommend scheduling in advance.


Experience the Natural Healing and Massage Therapy in Sedona


When your body and soul need to heal, Sedona is the right place for you. Our Sedona vacation rentals will have you feeling calm and comfortable during your entire stay. Call today and see which property calls out to you! For more information visit our therapeutic treatments page.