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Vacations are no longer limited to summer getaways, although there is a special magic to the long days, short nights, and sultry temperatures that accompany the summer solstice, especially when you choose Sedona for your annual vacation! Offering sunny skies, scenic vistas, and a feeling that something special is waiting around every corner, your summer journey to Arizona promises to be the vacation that you talk about fondly for years. However, if you find yourself seeking slightly cooler temperatures and even more color than can normally be found in red rock country, a trip this fall in Sedona promises to shine bright in your future, especially when you choose Stay Sedona for your accommodations. Offering luxury, comfort, and warmth no matter what the season, our homes are the best way to turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary journey, and this guide to the ultimate Sedona vacation in the summer and fall will ensure that you will not miss out on a single minute of the fun!

Welcome Home

The most memorable vacations begin with the best vacation homes and Stay Sedona has just what you need to feel welcomed and wanted! Each property we offer is different from the others in style, size, and design, but in all of the homes you will find a touch of Sedona that adds a magic to the structure under which you will eat, play, and sleep. Kitchens that are open to the rest of the home are where family feasts can be created or can be used to enjoy leftovers under the light of the stove. Fully equipped for all your needs, these spaces are the heart of the home, but there’s no need to eat standing in front of the refrigerator (even if that were something you would do at home) when a dining room (or area) is located just a few steps away. Dining room tables offer seating for all the members of your traveling party, and serve multiple purposes including game stations for no holds barred games of Scrabble, puzzle building spots, and planning stations; comfortable and inviting, planning out your days as you snack on chips and salsayou brought home from one of the many Mexican food restaurants in the area is always a great idea!

Our homes also offer super soft sofas perfect for reading, napping, or hanging out and watching the state-of-the-art televisions hanging directly across the room, and bedrooms that allow you to shut the door to the world and retreat into a dreamland, sleeping peacefully through the night. We at Stay Sedona understand that to have a great day exploring the magic of our red rock village, it is important to have a great night’s sleep to give you energy and good temper, and our beds offer premium mattresses that are soft and comfortable and placed in spaces that are designed to encourage sleep. Because many of our properties offer fire pits under the stars, beginning your night while gathered around a roaring fire, staring up at the velvety purple of the night sky can be your first step in ensuring that your sleep will be deep and uninterrupted with worries or stress! Some of our properties also offer hot tubs that add romance to your getaway while also performing a functional purpose, relieving aches and pains that may have been earned during your daytime adventures in town. Because we understand that the idea of family is different for everyone, some of our Stay Sedona properties are pet-friendly, allowing your fur baby to join in the fun!

Summer in Sedona

The beauty of Sedona grows rich and verdant as thesummer months arrive, and there is plenty of fun to be had in our mountain town. One of the more popular summer Sedona activities is shopping, as apparent by the plethora of shops that dot our landscape. Offering air conditioning which is always much appreciated in the hotter months and a variety of unique and unusual wares that exemplify the Southwest Spirit, you may find yourself unable to stay away as you fall in love with the selection of gifts and goodies that are available to you! Our town is known for its mystical properties, and many of the shops and boutiques sell items that help with the magic. Sedona Crystal Vortex, for example, offers a vast selection crystals, minerals, and gifts that are guaranteed to delight their recipients. Step out of the heat into the cool and lightly scented shop space and open your mind; many of the crystals and minerals sold here will speak to you, helping you with problems you may or may not have even known you have! That shiny red stone you see displayed comes with a little card that tells you its name (red jasper) and its healing properties that include calming its owners while helping them communicate with the earth. Used as a part of chakras, the red jasper is just one of many mystical and magical stones you will find in this store and many others throughout town.

Summer in Sedona

History buffs may want to study the history of Sedona, and an in-depth exhibit of our rich and storied history can be explored at the Sedona Heritage Museum, located at 735 Jordan Road. Open 7 days of the week from 11 AM until 3 PM, this informative establishment believes in not just preserving the past, but in giving visitors a beautiful picture of how we have evolved over the centuries. Learn about the Native Americans who settled this land, surviving and thriving against incredible odds, although one tribe, the Anasazi, seemingly disappeared overnight. Montezuma Castle National Monument, located in Camp Verde, offers an incredible example of where the Anasazi lived; a structure carved out of the cliffs tells a more complete story of their lives in the desert, so be sure to stop by if you have the time, as it is only about an hour’s drive away from your Stay Sedona escape.

As we have stated more than a few times, it can get really hot here in the summer, which makes water activities exceedingly popular, and in Sedona, it has become a summer tradition to hang out at Slide Rock State Park. Tucked away in the shadows of the red rocks, Oak Creek runs through it, offering a place to play in chilly mountain waters, the area around the creek was once an apple orchard, but today it is a playground for summer people seeking a way to cool down. Be sure to bring a towel, as the water can get super cold, even in the middle of the season! If the water is not enough to cool you down, no problem! A visit to Rocky Road Ice Cream Company is the easiest and sweetest way to cool you down from the inside out. Offering both ice cream and sorbet, the expansive list of flavors is sure to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths; our favorite flavors change daily, but for the moment we are madly in love with the unique tastes that combine to make their Raspberry Chipotle treat!

Falling for Fall

There is no bad season to visit Sedona, but the beauty of fall does make it one of our favorite times of the year. These are the months where you can get out there and explore the red rocks without fear of getting overheated. Take the opportunity to explore psychic vortexes, made even more fun when examined from the back of one of the many-colored jeep tours available in Sedona; pink jeeps are the traditional shades, but the Red Rock Western Jeep Tours offer rides in brilliant shades of crimson and the Safari Jeep Tours offer rides in a variety of shades, including red, black, and Army green! You may be wondering what a psychic vortex is right now, and the simplest way to describe them is that they are areas in the red rocks where the earth seems to come alive, offering healing properties as the energy leads itself to meditation. You may have heard about these energy centers, and may expect them to be all over Sedona, but the reality is there are only four, with Boynton Canyon offering the most powerful of all the vortexes! The jeep tour guides, no matter which color you choose, will take you to the vortexes, but also give informative tours of the region, so if you do nothing else this fall in Sedona, take a Jeep tour!

Fall in Sedona

If you really want to get out there in nature and do not fancy sharing the adventure with strangers, a good hike through Oak Creek Canyon will give you a sense of peace, tranquility, and accomplishment as you hike off the extra calories you have been consuming during your stay in paradise. Autumn is truly a special time in Sedona, and as you hike, you may come across examples of local wildlife, including elk, mule deer, and the occasional fluffy bunny rabbit. The trees turn brilliant shades of gold, orange, and red, complementing the red rocks that surround you, and the cooler weather will allow you to walk further than you might have been able to during summer in Sedona. Want to check out the landscape without having to do a whole lot of walking? Fall is when the skies of Arizona begin to fill with colorful and interesting hot air balloons, and Northern Light Balloon Expeditions and Red Rock Balloons offer a variety of tours and even include a champagne picnic with your flight.

Culinary Explorations

As you might expect, our neighbors to the south have influenced our food tastes, and it will be hard to go far without coming across a spicy and delicious Mexican food restaurant! From the haute cuisine choices offered by a local celebrity chef at Elote to the simple dishes found in the family owned Tamaliza, there are no wrong choices, but if we had to pick just one, we would suggest you try out the delights offered by Oaxaca. Pronounced waa·haa·kuh, this stucco structure has been a tradition in Sedona for more than a couple of decades, serving our favorite dishes while offering views of the red rocks that will touch your soul. The patio is our favorite place to dine during fall in Sedona, but every seat is the best seat in the house when the chips and salsa are placed before you!

Fresh Tacos for Sedona Activities

Sedona attracts travelers from all over the world and because we want our guests to feel at home, we also offer a large variety of international restaurants. Try out the Italian classics found at Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen, savor American favorites at Creekside American Bistro, or enjoy the Japanese specialties found at Minami. If steak is what you desire, steak is what can be found at Judi’s Restaurant & Lounge, open again after the pandemic and serving the comfort foods that make everyone feel at home in the desert. If you simply cannot choose between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is no big deal, as Pump House Station Urban Eatery & Market serves all three!

Every Day Is a New Adventure

We never get tired of experiencing the changing of seasons in Sedona, and if this is your first visit or your 100th, you will soon discover exactly why we love this part of the world as much as we do! Every day will be a new adventure made more comfortable and luxurious when you choose Stay Sedona for your vacation accommodations. Reserve your vacation home away from home today and discover a journey that speaks to your soul as you explore psychic vortexes, grab peeks into the past with visits to ancient “castles,” and devour the savory tastes of the town!

The summer season is a great time to get out and explore the beauty of northern Arizona. Sedona is situated among the red rocks that offer truly magnificent sights. Guests often visit for the 4th of July holiday to help celebrate this American tradition in a new and unique way. Sedona offers plenty of exciting activities to keep you busy throughout your trip. Take a look at what you can expect when you spend your 4th of July holiday travels right here in Sedona:

Northern Arizona Events

Sedona is not your typical vacation destination. We appreciate the beauty and serenity of our starry night sky that is viewable every night. The city code does not allow fireworks for the 4th of July, but you will find incredible night sky viewing. Sedona is committed to its position as a “dark sky community,” restricting light pollution to allow unobscured views of the natural, star-filled sky.

There are plenty of nearby northern Arizona cities that do offer exciting 4th of July events. Perhaps the most renowned event is Flagstaff’s Annual Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce 4th of July Parade. This annual event returns for 2021 and showcases a patriotic display all around the historic downtown neighborhood. In addition to the parade, the event will showcase an amazing fireworks show in the evening. The Chamber of Commerce has a spacious yard where you can pull up with a blanket or chair and enjoy the display above you. Additional events can also be found further up north in nearby town of Williams. This exciting town is known for its historic railroad that is at the center of its 4th of July celebration. Williams will be hosting their annual parade in addition to their chili cook off and many other events. Of course, fireworks will also be on display in the evening, helping you bring in the 4th of July in an exciting way.

Sedona Summer Activities

Make sure to enjoy some time around Sedona during your 4th of July stay. Hiking among the beautiful red rocks is an absolute must. Hit the local spas for natural healing activities. Dine with the many fine restaurants in the city such as The Hudson. As mentioned, the night sky is incredibly clear up in Sedona, so make sure to time some time out of your evenings to look up at the stars.

Book Your Stay in Sedona

It doesn’t get much better than a summer stay right here in Sedona. Book one of our exclusive rentals today and see how you can enjoy Sedona for yourself.

Get your fill at one of the many specialty Sedona tours!


Seeing all there is in and around Sedona can be difficult when on your own. Instead, look for specialty tours that each focus on an exciting aspect to enjoy in Sedona. Here are our top tours you can book in Sedona:

Jeep Tours

Adrenaline junkies will have a blast when they take part in Jeep tours. Travel through the famous red rocks of Sedona in the comfort of a Jeep Wrangler. The Broken Arrow and Seven Canyons tour options are the perfect thrill rides. Each tour is approximately two hours in length and are available all year long. Reservations are required in advance to book this thrill ride experience. Who knew Sedona could be a thrill seeker’s vacation destination?

Excursion Tours

One great aspect of staying up in Sedona is how close you are to other landmarks in the state. You are just a short drive away from the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Sedona Red Rocks among many others. Excursion Tours will take you to these highly sought-after locales with a professional guide. You will be provided lunch and have plenty of opportunities for pictures. Each tour company takes advantage of Northern Arizona’s beautiful weather, making it extremely easy to enjoy these guided tours at any point of the year!

Winery Tours

Northern Arizona is also home to a variety of wineries that produce award-winning wines. Local wineries produce wines that have unique flavors and tastes unseen in other wines. Dozens of wineries surround Sedona and adjacent towns, but it can be difficult visiting them all when you have to worry about driving. Take a Sedona Jeep Wine Tasting Tour where you are transported to multiple wineries in a comfortable Jeep ride. You will be driven around the rocky red terrain of Sedona and arrive at wineries with incredible views. Verde Valley also offers a wine trail that you can explore on your own with a printable map. Do not worry about the drive, as accommodations will be made for you.

Touring Fun in Sedona

Seeing the best parts of Sedona can always be made better when you have a knowledgeable tour guide with you. Explore these many options when you book a stay with us in Sedona. Our vacation rentals offer luxurious amenities and are nearby the main attractions of Sedona. Book today before your favorite rental is taken!

See the top list of dog-friendly places in Sedona.


You can make your vacation getaway in Sedona even better when you visit with your canine companion. Dogs are more than welcome around Sedona, and many activities and restaurants here are dog-friendly. Take a look at some of our best dog-friendly places in Sedona to see:

Dog-Friendly Properties

Planning for a trip with your dog all starts with finding pet-friendly lodging. No one wants to reserve a small hotel room where their dog will have no room to move around. Instead, let them run around in spacious yards and homes. We offer a variety of vacation rentals that you can enjoy. Some of these rentals can be found inside the town or out just off the trails. We also offer plenty of monthly rentals where you and your canine friend will have a home away from home. Pick a vacation rental that will best suit your activities for your stay in Sedona!

Dog-Friendly Trails

One great way to see and explore Sedona with your dog is to visit one of the many dog-friendly trails in the area. Leashed dogs are more than welcome on trails such as West Fork Trail. This exciting trail offers plenty of shade to keep you cool during the summer and even has creek views. Slide Rock State Park also allows leashed dogs; this park is one of the most popular areas of Sedona, so make sure your pup is friendly around others. If your dog needs to run around and socialize with other pups, take them over to the Sedona Dog Park. This seasonal park is open from April through October and features separate areas for small and big dogs.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Don’t leave your pup behind when you go out to find food in Sedona. Creekside Restaurant offers food from breakfast to dinner and features a dog-friendly patio. If you are in the mood for local wine, head over to Oak Creek Vineyard and Winery where you will have plenty of space to hang out with your pup. There are so many ways to have fun with your dog in Sedona!

Plan for Your Stay Today

As you can see, there are plenty of activities that are perfect for you and your pup in Sedona. Find the perfect dog-friendly rental within our selection of properties today!


Your Guide to Planning a Romantic Outing in Sedona


If you are looking for one of the most romantic locations right here in Arizona, look no further than Sedona. Our travel destination is in the heart of the red rocks and features a variety of activities perfect for a romantic outing. Look at our Sedona date ideas so you and your loved one can find the perfect date night hotspot.


Hit the Wineries


One of the best activities for couples to enjoy together is hitting up the local wineries. Out of state travelers may be unaware of the huge wine industry located in northern Arizona. You will find over 20 different wineries located in an area outside of Sedona known as the Valley Verde Wine Trail. Stop by one (or several) of these wonderful locally owned wineries. Tasting flights are a fantastic way to try out all their offerings before settling on a bottle or two to take back with you. Many of these wineries also feature snack plates and shareable sides to pair with your wine.


Visit a Local Spa


Sedona is known for its natural healing that can be provided to guests who stay here in town. Help your loved one feel completely refreshed by stopping in one of the many spas in town. You will be able to unplug from the world with your loved one and enjoy various treatments such as a couple’s massage. Feel completely refreshed by visiting spas such as L’Auberge de Sedona or Sedona Rouge.


Romantic Dinner


You will find there are plenty of romantic dining options for you in Sedona. Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill offers up exactly what you expect from the name; they feature incredible Latin and South American inspired cuisine in a romantic setting. Dine on the patio where you will have beautiful views of the mountains. Traditional continental cuisine can be found at Rene At Tlaquepaque. This upscale restaurant features a lengthy wine list where you can find something to pair with your meal. This popular restaurant is in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village where you can browse their high-end shops. Both restaurants continue to offer dine-in services so you can enjoy your meal with the beautiful view of Sedona in the background.


The Magic of Sedona


As you can see, there are plenty of ways for you and your loved one to enjoy a romantic outing in Sedona. Book a reservation today and see how Sedona can provide peace to you.

Join in the fun at what Phoenix Magazine calls a Top Weekend Adventure in Jerome, famous ghost town in Arizona!


Northern Arizona features many different beautiful cities that you can easily explore during your stay with us in Sedona. One of the most beloved local attractions is the city of Jerome! During the turn of the century, Jerome had the largest copper mine in the country and was a bustling town of more than 12,000 people. Known as one of the most famous ghost towns in Arizona and celebrated for its claim as one of the most haunted towns in America, Jerome boasts a haunted theme throughout its hillside shops and restaurants and even offers ghost tours for those brave souls! Due to its fascinating landscape and history, it is no surprise that it was chosen by filmmakers and film lovers to host the annual Jerome Film Festival.  This festival highlights some of the top indie films that have recently been released. If you love films, (and don’t mind a few ghosts) this town and festival are the perfect reason to schedule your vacation getaway!

Top Film Festival in the World

When you visit Jerome for their Indie Film & Music Festival, you are picking one of the top 15 film and music festivals in the world as voted by AudNews. This local festival has also been voted as a top weekend adventure as voted by Phoenix Magazine. When you visit, you are encouraged to get out of your comfort zone and jump into an adventure. Try out different films you would not usually find yourself watching at home. When experiencing these films in a festival setting, you will be surrounded by fellow film lovers; you may also find yourself in the company of the film’s director and crew. There is no better way to experience independent films than with the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival!

Finding the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival

You can experience these independent films for yourself when you join the Annual Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival. Tickets and passes can be purchased by emailing jeromefilmfestival@gmail.com. Festival jobs are posted, and film submissions are welcome, so make sure to reach out if you have any interest in helping or submitting your own film!

Sedona Is Waiting

The Jerome Indie Film Festival is just one of the many different activities and attractions here waiting for you around Sedona. You can plan ahead for your stay by finding the perfect vacation rental. Our team will help you find the best experience possible right here in Sedona. To view Sedona vacation rental homes, browse our website.

See our curated list of the three best places to eat in Sedona.


You too can enjoy the mystical qualities found only here in Sedona. During your stay, make sure to visit all the wonderful local restaurants in the area. World-renowned chefs cook up incredible meals that can be found nowhere else. We have narrowed it down from the multitude of restaurants to the three best places to eat in Sedona, according to our guests!

Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill

A visit to Sedona calls for a fine dining experience only found at Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill. This upscale restaurant features a menu complete with South American inspired entrees. Panoramic views of the Sedona valley can be seen from the windows. Available entrees include various cuts of steak, halibut, cauliflower bisque, tuna parfait, and much more. The bar can create delicious cocktails with fine spirits or bring out a vintage bottle of wine. Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill can be found at 700 AZ-89A and is open Wednesday through Monday from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Creekside American Bistro

For American cuisine within a casual yet upscale setting, look no further than Creekside American Bistro. This creative restaurant features seasonal entrees with outdoor seating along the creek. Creekside features delicious options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Start your morning with seasonal fruit and pancakes, order lunch with your favorite sandwich, or have dinner with a delicious cut of steak. Various craft beers can be found on tap along with different wines sourced from Northern Arizona. Creekside American Bistro is open daily from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM with Happy Hour from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM. You can find this restaurant at 251 AZ-179.

Hideaway House

Grab your favorite bowl of comfort Italian food with a visit to Hideaway House. This local favorite features a menu full of casual eats such as pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. The cheesy bread will easily get your appetite started with just a smell. Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the Hideaway House located at 231 AZ-179. The restaurant is open daily from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM for dine and takeout services.

Sedona Is Waiting

As you can see, Sedona offers a bit of everything. Whether you are coming for a natural healing experience or trying to get away from the city, Sedona has something for you. Reserve one of our vacation rentals today and see what Sedona can do for you.  To see more options, visit our list of area restaurants.

Known for being an area of natural wellness and healing, check out the various holisitic opportunities as well as massage therapy in Sedona.


Each year thousands of visitors make their way to Sedona for its natural healing effect. Not only does the landscape of Sedona help with your wellness but so can the many natural healers that call the town home. Our therapists are Licensed Massage Therapists who specialize in craniosacral and myofascial treatment. Look at what this therapy can provide for your overall health and wellbeing and enjoy massage therapy in Sedona:


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Our nervous system is housed in the bones, nerves, and overall connective tissues of the body. Any disruption to our nervous system can be disastrous and lead to injuries, stress, and even long-lasting trauma that often presents itself as pain and neurological dysfunction. Craniosacral therapists help heal your nervous system with their Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, a non-invasive technique that will help you reach a new level of relaxation. This therapy taps into your pure consciousness, allowing your body to heal and reorganize itself. You will feel a deep stillness of the body throughout the therapy.


Myofascial Release


Our internal organs and vessels are all surrounded by connective tissue called fascia that helps hold our bodies together. Whenever our fascia becomes inflamed or affected by trauma, it can cause increased pressure throughout our body. Simple examples include scars left over by surgery or a localized infection. Myofascial therapy helps release the built-up tension. This healing uses specific hand motions to help unwind the fascia and often involves craniosacral work to be done as well. Your body will naturally begin to heal as fluid and unprompted movements help reduce built up pressure.


Scheduling Your Session


Scheduling your therapy session is easy. Simply call or text 928-282-0904 or email info@staysedona.com to get started. Sessions are available by appointment only in the Sedona area. Sessions tend to fill up quickly, so we recommend scheduling in advance.


Experience the Natural Healing in Sedona


When your body and soul need to heal, Sedona is the right place for you. Our Sedona vacation rentals will have you feeling calm and comfortable during your entire stay. Call today and see which property calls out to you! For more information visit our therapeutic treatments page.

Enjoy Arizona’s natural beauty at one of the top 10 hiking trails in the US.


Arizona is home to a variety of natural beauty that can be accessed year-round, and Sedona has its fair share. Our Arizona town is in a picturesque setting that awes visitors and locals year after year. The gorgeous red peaks rise in the backdrop while tall trees cover the landscape. Sedona is not your usual Arizona location in that it features all four seasons during the year. Fall is one of our favorite times of year, as you can see the leaves on trees change from their lush green to a dark hue of red and orange. The best location around Sedona to see the leaves change color is off the West Fork Trail. That’s not the only trail to catch the eye of our visitors. See our list of the best hiking trails in the area here.


Top 10 Trail in the Country


Visitors come from all over the country to see the beauty of Sedona in person. You will be pleased to know that West Fork has been named one of the top 10 hiking trails in the country. Everything you could want from an expedition into the wilderness can be accessed with a hike on the West Fork Trail. This popular route is approximately 7 miles in length and is a relatively easy trail. The elevation gain is only around 800 feet, so you will not find any steep inclines. Instead, what you will find is a winding trail through majestic trees and brush. Your hike will come across multiple river crossings that you can cross with ease on logs and steppingstones. Finally, at the end of your journey you will find an elegant pool of water that is encased in rising cliffs. No wonder it has been named a top 10 trail in the United States!


Colors All Around You at the West Fork Trail


The West Fork Trail features all kinds of trees and plant life found along your hike. The hike is especially popular in the fall with the many leaves changing color into vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds. In fact, this trail is the most popular area in Sedona to see these fall colors come out. Due to its popularity, we recommend checking it out during the week when there will be fewer crowds. If you do visit during the weekend, make sure you get there early to claim a nearby parking spot!


Fall Is All Around Us

Come see the incredible colors for yourself by booking a vacation getaway to Sedona. Our vacation rentals will keep you close to all of the unique attractions in the area including the West Fork Trail. The wonders of fall can only truly be experienced in Sedona.

Get our guide and plan your vacation during one of the best times to visit Sedona,


Sedona is a hot spot for visitors year-round, but when is the best time to plan your trip? Like any destination, there are benefits to visiting every time of year! We want your visit to be full of adventure and positive energy, so it’s important to consider which season best suits your interests. We can help you decide on the best times to visit Sedona AZ.

Are you new to the Sedona area? That’s no problem! Let us guide you through Red Rock Country and help you discover the best places to eat, drink, and play. Access our free Sedona Travel Guide to start navigating the area like a local! We’ll always lead you in the right direction.

Get The Guide

Your Guide to the Best Times to Visit Sedona

Spring is a magical time of year. The weather in Sedona is comfortable, and the city comes to life after a chilly winter. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts flock to Sedona during springtime to explore canyons, hike the terrain, and soak up the sun. This time of year is when local outdoor tours are at their peak! From the famous Pink Jeep Tours to the Grand Canyon excursions, spring is the best time to enjoy the many outdoor activities.

While spring may be one of the best times to visit Sedona, it’s also the busiest. It’s best to plan activities, make restaurant reservations, and book tours in advance to ensure you check off all of your top bucket list items!

Spring Events:


Anyone visiting Sedona during summer should be prepared for the heat! Average highs can often reach triple-digit numbers. You’re likely to have one thing on your mind: cooling off. Head inside to enjoy a few of the art galleries in the area, indulge in a day at the spa, or take an indoor yoga class. If you’re determined to enjoy the outdoors while you’re here, you can take a plunge in one of Sedona’s many swimming holes, such as Grasshopper Point or Slide Rock State Park.

Summer Events:


There are plenty of reasons to visit Sedona during the fall! Not only is everyone thrilled to escape the summer heat, but the town is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming holiday season. Join the many festivities and celebrations, or embrace the fall weather by spending time adventuring outdoors.

Fall Events:


Winter is a great time to visit Sedona! You’ll be able to enjoy the chilly yet comfortable days and also discover plenty of ways to stay warm in the evenings. Plus, there’s truly nothing better than a view of the snow-covered red rock formations in wintertime. You’ll be able to escape the crowds and find lower rates than any other time of year! Whether you’re celebrating the holiday season or simply enjoying the scenery, winter in Sedona is always a special time of year.

Winter Events:

Plan Your Visit With Stay Sedona

No matter what time of year you choose to visit, we want you to feel right at home and be able to experience the powerful energy of Sedona. Book your stay with Stay Sedona Vacations, so you never have to worry about the small details. From comfortable beds and linens to K-cups and cooking supplies, our vacation rentals are complete with everything you need for the perfect stay. Our complimentary concierge service will ensure that your visit is seamless and worry-free. Book your stay with us today.