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5 Ways Property Management Can Help Your Property

In a world filled with planners and people who take it as they see it, you are a planner. You know what you want out of life and taken the necessary steps to ensure your dreams come true. And as you start to look towards your future, to a time where you won’t have to get up at dawn every day to make that paycheck, you have realized that a vacation property is the best way to get a head start on your golden years. Offering an income that will only grow larger as the years pass, you may be eager to get your start, but unsure as to the best way to go about it. We suggest starting with a Sedona property management company!

Picking the Right Space and Preparing the Property

Because vacation rentals are our business, we understand that location does matter, and while we may not be at your side when you begin your hunt, we certainly love to keep you informed of the best locations in town! Once you’ve found the place that works best, it’s now time to create an inviting atmosphere for potential guests; no one wants to stay in a place where the design hasn’t kept up with the times! Dark, dirty, and dingy is the best way to ensure your beds are empty every night, and Stay Sedona has the style tips that will keep your home on the yes list of every person who sees it.

We Know How to Market Your Property

Sedona is an international tourist destination; posting your rental in the local newspaper will not get it rented. You need to carpet all the major vacation rental places—not just VRBO or Expedia—with technicolor pictures of your stylish, comfortable, and pristine getaway. Remember: The picture quality is equally important! We know how to get the perfect pictures and then market your home so it is the most desirable listing in town.

Determining Rates and Maximizing Your Revenue

We all have our talents, and one of ours is making other people money! We know the going rates for property rentals and we study how to maximize your income ratio, which makes us very much in demand! Sedona property management is our life, and we are successful because we understand a very simple fact: If we make you money, we are doing our jobs well!

We Do the Hard Work

Renting a vacation home is actually a lot of work, especially in this new world we all live in, and our professional team of maintenance workers and housekeeping specialists are more than up to the task! Each guest will be greeted by pristine spaces that surpass the standards of cleanliness recommended by the CDC and yet they won’t be overwhelmed with the scent of harsh detergents. After each guest returns to their own home, we will inspect for damages and clean every inch of the space all over again.

You Get to Sleep, We Will Handle the Emergency

Emergencies happen. Storms cause electrical failures, children break things, and equipment ages. But when you hire Stay Sedona for your property management services, we take the 2 AM calls and let you get your beauty sleep—something for which our owners who live out of town are particularly grateful. Why would you want to travel for hours to take up a window or replace a hot water heater in the middle of the night?

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